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You might have observed that people frequently show romantic interest in others who are similar to them in age. While for the longest time people dated men and women in the same age group, that appears to have changed in the past few years. From us to celebs, everyone is now open to the idea of dating younger partners without any hesitation.

Dating a younger person exposes you to a whole population that you could have otherwise been oblivious to. This is especially true if you’re a woman, as trends indicate that the dating pool starts to get smaller as you get older.

Usually, people have restricted themselves to certain filters like age. Hence, when you have a whole new group of people to date, you have a better chance to discover a new love.

Younger couples may be less likely to be jaded and more likely to be open-minded and dynamic than older ones. This kind of thinking can not only be energising but also lay the foundation for a fulfilling and creative partnership.

Younger partners might be more receptive to the concept of helping out with step-parenting. On the other hand, older parents with their children might not want to take on a step-parenting role due to lifestyle preferences or a focus on raising their biological children.

A younger spouse in an adoption situation is likely to have more energy to dedicate to the highs and lows of that journey, she added.